Wednesday, 7 March 2007

My first post .... A litlle intro for all those interested.

Greetings lowlifes,
You have reached my special domain in blogland.
I am Mistress Kathleen, 37 yr old beautifully voluptuous professional dominatrix based in Swansea, South Wales.
I cater for males, females, tvs, couples as well as organise small private parties for the more worthy of you.
I am experienced in both public and private play and take great pleasure in whipping up a feast of delights for all tastes from the more sensual side of BDSM to the out and out sadistic in a safe, sane and concentual enviroment .
I am highly skilled and take great pride in My work. I expect the respect which I deserve. You WILL obey My every command and address Me with good manners at all times. Remember you are privalaged to be takeing up My precious time.
Submissives shall worship and adore Me and in return will be rewarded with the ultimate in pain and pleasure.
I am very discreet and your confidentuality is assured at al times. I expect the same in return.
I adore dressing up in My fetishwear, particularly leather and pvc with thigh high boots to tempt and tease.
Do you have a thirst that needs to be quenched? Do you wish to have your limits tested to the ultimate? Then beg for your Mistress to satisfy your desires!
I expect only true submissives to apply. Do not contact me if you are looking for sex or any other form of personal services. I am a correctional therapist not a prostitute and you will do well to remember it. I WILL NOT: Indulge in hard sports, scat play or anything pertaining to minors or animals; give you a blowjob, be naked or have intercourse with you. Do not insult My intelegence by asking for such activities as I can assure you that you WILL be offended by My reply.
My preference is for acomoclitic slaves. Much more hygenic that way. Of course you will want to please Me, won't you?
Come see some more of Me by visiting my site at
or you may contact Me, respectfuly requesting My time at


Age: 37.
Height: A beautifully petite 5.'
Dress size: A stuningly voluptuous 18-20.
Shoe / Boot size: 4.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue.
Other info: Tattooed & Pierced in all the right places

You will at all times treat me with the respect I deserve. Never try to undermine me in any way or try to top from the bottom.
You will be expected to turn up for an appointment with me clean and tidy. Good personal hygine is an absolute must. I do not tolerate uncleanliness.
Do not ask me for services I do not provide. As stated on the front page, I am a professional correctional therapist not a prostitute. I make absolutely NO exception to the rules for anyone.
When ringing to confirm an appointment do not withold your telephone number as I do not accept calls from unlisted numbers. Calls from mobile telephones are accepted.

Mistress Kathleen.